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    I will be getting a new Pixi in the next couple of days. I got a good deal on a new Pixi (eBay). I decided to do this after seeing the "Experimental Pixi Overclocking" article. I was planning on switching to a Palm on my upcoming upgrade. I saw this as an opportunity to get an early start with WebOs.

    I saw the "Govnah" thread. Is there a benefit to installing "Govnah" even if you have not installed another kernel?
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    Govnah is required to control UberKernel. They work together.

    ...and WELCOME!
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    Is Uberkernel and Govnah something I should install as soon as I get up and running? Benefit?
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    uberkernel is basically an overclocked kernel for the pixi. Govnah is the program you use to tweek and set the different settings of the kernel.

    I'd recommend reading ALL of the pixi sticky threads up top. Even a lot of the Pre sticky threads under the Pre forum are still useful for a pixi owner to know.
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    I'm also a new Pixi owner... I love it. I'm thinking about overclocking but I don't want to affect the battery life too much... coming from Android I find the battery life to be rather good on the Pixi. I'm afraid of messing that up. Will overclocking?
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    overclocking can decrease or increase your battery life depending on the settings. The problem (or boon) is that you are coming in at a time when many people are experimenting with their settings in govnah with uberkernel to get a stable phone with speed and decent battery life. So, it will require some sleuthing AND experimenting and can potentially hurt your phone if you settings aren't conservative enough. Start small is my reccomendation. I am a Pixi owner who is happily trucking along with a stock kernel by the way

    I am waiting for webOS 2.1 to hopefully help the phone's stutters
    ...This programming stuff is actually addictive but really hard :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by leebae View Post
    Is Uberkernel and Govnah something I should install as soon as I get up and running? Benefit?

    benefit = speed (and perhaps battery life)
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    like I said. Read as much of the stickies as you can!
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    Thanks for all the great info.

    I think I will probably wait until the "Experimental" overclocking becomes an official release. At that point, I will install the proper kernel and Govnah. Until then I will install Preware and wait patiently.

    There was a great video posted on the step by step process for overclocking the Pre. Will there be a similar video for the Pixi? I HOPE SO.
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    I'm pretty sure its almost the same as with the pre. Slightly different setting though.
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    Is Preware difficult to install?
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    not @ all. Are you running Vista XP or windows 7?
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    Windows 7

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