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    For whatever reason, I always type in someone's name, I select the right person I want to call, I click on their name and then....BAM, I hit the stupid voicemail button. Then I'm sitting there waiting for them to answer and I hear my voicemail. I don't know why I keep doing this, somewhere my mind has associated that little voicemail symbol with 'send' or 'dial' or whatever. Just wanted to know if I was the only one.
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    No, it's just you.
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    Where r u typing their name? Isnt the voicemail button only in the phone app, or in a voicemail notification?

    I dont think its in universal search if thats where ur ttping in their name or initials. Id try finding them there to call them.
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    yeah I'd say trying to make calls a different way, llike via universal search! Good thing about webos is we have many ways to do simple things.
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    really it doesn't matter from which way, I see the name i want to call highlighted and then before I can think about it, press the little voicemail button thinking it is a 'dial' button. I got into the habit at the beginning and am trying to break myself from it!
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    Even if you use the phone app, you just click on the name/phone and it dials. You don't need to hit a second button (such as where you are pressing voicemail) ........

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    Have you tried pressing the enter key on the keyboard? no chance of hitting voicemail from there.
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    There is a patch to hide VM button on the dialpad screen.
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    hm it sounds like just you lol

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    never happend

    i alway type the nickname of the person and press on the searchresult
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    I think I have figured out that I was so used to the centro that I automatically just press the button on same corner as I did on the centro, at least I think it was there on the centro, mine has been dead for so long. I need to get that voicemail icon hidden!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jccjmml7 View Post
    There is a patch to hide VM button on the dialpad screen.
    Yeah what he said. Get Preware and install the update that hides the voicemail button. I've done this once or twice but usually due to lag or something.

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