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    Got a new Pixi and I want to tether it like I do our Blackberry and Droid phones. We have unlimited data usage. The Pixi mobile-hot spot is how they want you to connect and it has a 5Gb limit, not nearly enough for the xbox games.

    I've been breezing through this forum and others off and on for a few days and can't find explicit instructions.

    Got the Preware installed. WebOS internals feed is there, but freetether doesn't show.
    Mytether appears to be Pre only.
    I haven't explored USBnet and starting to feel like I bought a boat anchor.

    I live rural. No hotspots nearby and no other means of Internet access unless I go back to Satellite. Just shoot me.

    Is there a tether from my computer that will work? What is the real story? Mytether, freetether, usbnet?

    I have the xbox to the computer working and using the tether with my blackberry storm, but the storm is used for my email and work.
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    Followup to let anyone else this works. We didn't have WebOS internal feeds working right, once it was and we found FreeTether, it installed.

    Turned off the mobile hotspot on the pixi.

    The freetether for the Palm Pixi works great!
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    just curious, what exactly are you using it for? you say xbox, are you really playing xbox games over the phones internet?
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    Install Preware by rooting the phone.

    Add the WebOS-Internals testing feeds to Preware

    Search for the app: Freetether

    Enjoy tethering.

    All of this information can be found on Look under the how-to section or the homebrew section

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