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    I want to hear some feedback from actual users of the Pixi Plus to see if I should get it or not. I've done my research and I've heard some good reviews but I've also heard that the battery life is not very good and it requires frequent charging. I also heard that some phones will often freeze and have very slow start up times.

    Also this phone is about a year old now. I am a Verizon customer and I am eligible for their discounted upgrade, I can get the Pixi Plus upgrade free which I am assuming is because it is a year old at this point. However, I can also wait 6 months for my 'new every 2' deal and get lots of new brand model phones in July (possibly the new iphone 5).

    So my question is purchase the Pixi Plus or wait patiently 6 more months and see what is on the market then.

    Edit: this will be my first smartphone. I'm mostly just looking for a phone that I can use to go on facebook and text a lot with. I'm also a broke college student and won't be able to afford much which is why the free upgrade is so appealing to me.
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    HP is also making an announcement in February, so you may want to wait for that.

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    I always loved my Pixi. Unfortunately, it has a few drawbacks, its slow, it has a small screen, and boot time completely sucks. Overall its probably the best smartphone you can get for free hands down but if you are willing to wait and/or pay get something beefier.

    One more note this will be your last early upgrade or new every 2 upgrade. Copy and paste from below and add a www..
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    Both the Pre and Pixi have a long boot time.

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    I have a pixi plus and it's a nice little phone. It is extremely light and thin, the keyboard is great and it feels nice in your hands.

    However, it is laggy at times (i overclocked mine and it still has some issues, nothing that is terrible but i also have an overclocked pre plus which screams so i notice the lag). The camera is pretty much useless also.

    What it lacks in speed it makes up for with usability and functionality. If you go for it, get preware on the thing and start customizing.

    For a free smart phone, i think it's pretty sweet.
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    I would wait. I had a Palm Pre Plus that got dropped on a tile floor. When I called the insurance the Palm Pre Plus was EOL and I got a Pixi instead. I did like the keyboard at first because it has a better response than the Pre but that grew old quick. The keyboard is "clicky" so if you're trying to type in bed at night the wife will complain. If you're texting or taking notes during a meeting, everyone will know. It bogs down to a crawl and sometimes I have to wait 30 seconds for it to unfreeze. I have to restart it a few times a week. I am stuck with mine until November so I'm going to take GMTesta's advice and put Preware on it with some overclocking to hold me off til then. (to the Pixi's defense I do have a lot of apps on my phone. Some of them probably have memory leaks, which I have to research, that's wreaking havoc.)
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    Thanks Chad for showing me that link I had no idea Verizon was switching their new every 2 deal. Fortunately for me I still have the new every 2 but as soon as I upgrade I'll be on the new deal where you can't upgrade again for 20 months. x_x That's a huge deal and I should definitely wait to see if I can get something better since I"m going to have to wait this next coming phone out whether I like it or not.

    I think from the feedback I got I'll just wait it out and see whats on the market come June. I'll get better deals from Verizon then too instead of jumping the gun because I'm impatient.

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    Hi there,
    i have two Pixi Plus and i can recommend them to you. The boot-time takes a few seconds more than other phones, but you just dont have to boot it that often. Mine can run a few weeks without a reboot.

    The Pixi is very handy, so that you can type with one hand and use the other for something else. I hate it, when i have to use both hands for a simple task like writing a mail or sms.

    The Pixi's battery consumption is high when browsing with 3g or searching for networks, so it could be that at the beginning you will have to charge your phone a few times a day*, but like with every other toy, you will use it after a while for what it is build and not play with it.

    *because you will search for app/games try them out, browsing the web more than you need and more

    With normal use (phonecall, mail, sms) the phone will hold up two maybe three days. With the touchstone there is no problem, because you just put it there when going to lunch and when you are back its full.

    The screen is smaller than the pres, but i do not need such a big screen. Bigger screen needs more battery and that 80pxl more wont make a huge difference in comfort. (i believe the next upgrade in quality is the iphone display, but this is too big)

    Mine has never had any big issues with lack, freezing or rebooting.
    But i am closing app when not needed. Why should i have 20 cards open, when i put the phone in my pocket. I close what is not needed. So most likly i have one to four cards open and there is no problem with ram or speed.

    The pixi is very cheap at the moment, so you just have to think about "Is it cheaper to buy it from ebay and get a newer phone with the free upgrade?"

    If you can get a newer phone with the free upgrade i would get this and buy a pixi. The one you like more you keep, the other you sell.

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