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    Hi there! I have a Pixi that is 10 months old and for about two months off and on have noticed some odd behavior and I wanted to run it by you guys here to see if you have ever heard of it before.

    It will, from time to time, have operating troubles where it freezes up, then (even if I haven't been poking it, I've tried both) it will suddenly start performing all kinds of random actions like opening apps and closing them over and over, and last night for the first time it opened the phone dialer, dialed "1" repeatedly, then hit send repeatedly. I scrambled to remove my battery and made it stop.

    I do not know if it is releated or not but when it has troubles with operations, going slow, freezing, having random behaviors, I notice a new app icon that looks like a half moon on a dark circle, and it always has a yellow triangle with an exclamation point at the top right of the icon (typically seen when an app fails to load when originally downloaded). I click and it says that the download failed. Because it won't load the app check screen I cannot access it to delete it. Went to the Sprint store to show them about a month ago and it was gone when I set foot in teh door. It performed beautifully.

    So I am at a loss. I am truley afraid that it will start calling people or deleting files (like pictures and contacts). Anyone have any insight? :-\
    Thanks so much for reading
    (The icon I chose for this thread looks just like the exclamation on the icon!!)
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    Many of us have seen this action, I have seen some people refer to it as "phantom touch" occuring on both Pixis and Pres.

    Really the best thing to do to prevent random dials or deletes, is to restart the phone by pressing all at the same time Orange+Sym+R.
    A battery pull, while the phone is on, is not recommended.

    On your second issue, you can delete any app by pressing the Square (Orange) key while clicking the app in the regular menu. A pop up will ask if you want to delete it. Try this if the errant app comes back.

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    As far as I remember it could be related to high temperature.
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    uberkernel or stock kernel?
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    Thank you for your advice! I did not know about those functions so that will likely come I handy. Also was unaware that removing the batt was not good for it. Ty so much!

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