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    Just FYI for heads that wanted to know.

    Palm Pixi's GPU is Adreno 200 for all carriers.
    This is the same GPU in the HTC EVO 4G.

    But Pixi's CPU is old tech though.

    Please read this HERE.

    Remember that the LG Optimus is spec'd out to be the Pixi's guts.

    So HP Palm please utilize the GPU more on WebOS 2.0!!
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    I read that they're gonna do hardware acceleration for CSS in 2.0. I'm assuming that means they're gonna use the GPU more in 2.0, but we have to see if that makes it to the Pixi. We've been hearing that Flash won't be going to the Pixi, so who knows how many other features are not going to the Pixi either.
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    I wish palm would be able to put Flash on GPU acceleration
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    This is insane! Just imagine what the already released Palm phones would be capable of, if they only had an optimized operating system.
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    It's also the same GPU in the Nexus One and the Droid Incredible. It's quite weak by today's standards but the fact that it's powering such a small screen means you should be able to get decent performance out of it.
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    Does webOS even use GPU acceleration yet?

    I remember at DevDay they showed a demo of an app utilizing GPU acceleration, but I think the web browser and Luna need to utilize it if they aren't already.
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    Now I know why Pixi lags from time to time...
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    webOS 2.0 better wet my pants...
    Sheesh I wish the Android rumor back when Palm wasn't HP was true...

    Android Froyo 2.2 on Palm Pixi... uhm Yes Plz

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