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    First off I'd like to say hello to everyone as I am a new member =)

    Alright so I have a Palm Pixi Plus through Verizon that I cant stand due to lag and errors. It has a 1 year warranty and if I can take it in with a serious problem I can get a new Phone at no charge(unless the new phone costs more) so i want to switch to a Palm Pre Plus or a Blackberry(is there another phone you recommend. All i do is text so I need a keyboard and good battery life. Bta I prefer the front keyboards like Blackberries and Pixis). Is there a way I can give it a serious error without actually perminantly harming the phone? (Example: Not being able to use the camera or not being able to call people) Something like that.


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    I don't think this forum will help you cheat a company nor bring up errors on your phone. What i suggest doing is deleting your palm profile data by shutting off and erasing the backup, then run the full secure disk erase and then doing a doctor on the phone. Add preware, govnah and uber kernel and try the phone out then. It would be like new with a solution for the laggyness.
    Verizon Pixi Plus on 1.4.5 w/ Preware

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