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    When I was messing around with downloading some things to make some changes, I stupidly downloaded some tweak to the phone that would enable the camera every time I swiped it. Now, every time someone calls, the camera pops up and I have to close that card out, then find the phone icon and then answer the phone while they are waiting on the line wondering what is going on. Only usually, I wind up hanging up on them instead. How do I remove a modification like that?
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    If you installed it with preware, just open preware, go to installed packages, select the patch that you want to remove and select remove. do a luna restart after.
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    If what jsgraphicart doesn't work or you don't understand you can also uninstall with webOS Quick Install if you are familiar with that program too.

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    Thanks to both of you, I got on the quick install and was about to have to come back here to find where it listed what I had put on there, but I located it and uninstalled it. YEAH!!
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    When I got my pre plus in November I inadvertently downloaded the same patch. That patch was driving me crazy

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