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    When I enter a new contact into my pre plus why does it also go into my wife's pixi plus as well. It is kind of annoying.
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    Are you sharing one Google or Palm account/profile? If each phone had its own account, this probably would not happen.
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    You must be sharing an account. This is very weird and not supposed to happen.

    You are not using the same Palm Profile because you can't use the same profile on more than one device at a time (for now... )
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    Wife: WHO THE **** IS TIFFANY!!! lol

    Its probably what the others have said here. Check your contacts and see if they are linked to an email or something that you and your wife both share. You both cant have the same palm profile but if you both share an email or something, that email can sync with both of you Im sure.
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    Yup.. if you are entering that contact into a gmail account (or another email account) you are sharing, any change you make will be universal for anyone linked into that account.

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