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    I bought a used pixi plus and everything is going well, except for one thing: the keyboard. One key, specifically the "R" key doesn't type well. It looks like all the other keys and feels and sounds the same when you click it, but when you type it lightly or medium hard, you keypress does not register on sceen. To make it wok, you have to smash down the key, and even then it can take more than one try. I tried the key keyboard tester in the options and every key except the "R" registers all keypresses. Is there any way to increase the sensitivity of the "R" key or somehow fix this?
    PS I wrote this on my Pixi and any mispellings consisting of midding "R"s ae not my fault.
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    same thing except mine is C.
    Verizon Pixi Plus on 1.4.5 w/ Preware
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    Did you ever find a fix?
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    Verizon Pixi Plus on 1.4.5 w/ Preware
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    I occasionally had the same problem with 'w'... it would only work if pressed full on, directly overhead sort of thing.. whereas other keys work if I caught them a bit on the edge, or of central.

    Seems to have sorted itself now.

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