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    As a Pre Plus owner who has had a lot of difficulty with the keyboard over the year I've had it, I've been somewhat interested in the pixi which appeared to have a somewhat better keyboard.

    I like the Pre fairly well but I've never been happy with the keyboard. I think the last webOS update solved a lot of doubling and skipping problems I was having but then they seemed to be getting worse again recently. In hindsight, I believe one of the overclocking kernels I started using recently may not contain the keyboard fixes because after getting my Pixi and re-doctoring the Pre, the Pre keyboard is working fine again. Oh well- on with the mini review.

    The Pixi always seems to be a sort of stepchild or stepsibling of the Pre. It runs webOS but Palm didn't support 3d gaming on it for a long time and most any mention about Palm or webOS revolves around the Pre rather than the Pixi.

    I wasn't sure what to expect, but I thought $100 USD for a brand new Pixi Plus shipped to me was a great deal and I could use it as a wifi email and browser device if nothing else.

    Right away, I'm pleased with the size of it. In every dimension except one, its smaller than the Pre. The Pre is already small, especially compared to newer phones like the Droid X but the Pixi just disappears in the pocket. It weighs nothing and while the screen is even smaller than the Pre, its still usable. The Pre screen is small already so its not really much worse to go down another notch. The drop in resolution is something I have noticed though. Screens don't hold as much information as I'm used to seeing and some apps obviously expect the Pre resolution and cut off a bit on the Pixi.

    The screen feels soft- like it is thin plastic. Its certainly not glass and isn't nearly as solid as the Pre screen. I don't think you want to let this do battle with your keys. The rest of the body feels pretty good. I like the rubbery back quite a bit. I'm not wild about the USB cover which is pretty fiddly but once I get a touchstone back, that will be a thing of the past.

    The keyboard is dramatically better than the Pre. Its still a dinky little keyboard but the keys just seem to work better- MUCH better. I'm not sure that I've seen the first errantly skipped or doubled character yet. It looks very similar to the Pre keyboard but I'm having a much easier time typing on it.

    Performance of the pixi is obviously less than the Pre. Applications seem to open slower and the launcher gets laggy more often on the Pixi than the pre. In regular use, I've not really found this to be a problem. I briefly ran the 794mhz overclocking kernel, but the GUI didn't really seem any less laggy, so I saw no reason to risk running it any longer.

    Battery life seems to be at least as good as the Pre and likely better but it still looks like a daily charge will be required. I'm configured for wifi at home and work to help with battery life.

    No problem with speaker volume on either speaker. Cell reception (on verizon) hasn't yet been a problem either.

    The only real disappointment I've had is the app catalog. There are just a lot of apps that I had for the Pre that aren't available on the Pixi. Where's all the Gameloft stuff? Where's Radiant? I even had to re-buy Angry Birds because I needed "Angry Birds for Pixi". I'm missing Asphalt and Dungeon Hunter to be sure. I thought I could just use those on my Pre as a wifi game console but alas, no- logging into the Palm Profile with the Pixi kicked the Pre out of it. Furthermore, you can't even connect to the app store if you aren't using an activated phone. Very, very disappointing.

    I picked up Raging Thunder 2- one of the two 3d racing games for Pixi and it looks and plays great. The hardware certainly seems capable of good 3d gaming. I'm not sure why all of the 3d apps are missing at this point. With all the talk about webOS being scalable, the apps certainly don't seem to be.

    Overall, the Pixi has been surprisingly decent little phone for $100 with no contract extension. For someone who wants or needs a replacement phone but doesn't want to spend their carrier subsidy just yet on a new phone (which would almost certainly be something non-webOS) when HP may have something new in the summer, this might be an option.
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    A couple of weeks in, my impression hasn't really changed. The pixi is much better than I expected. I'm disappointed that a big chunk of the app catalog is missing. Performance is sometimes choppy but not significantly worse than the Pre. Everything else has basically been positive.

    At this point, I don't have any interest in going back to the pre for my day-to-day phone.
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    Thank you for the report;glad you like the Pixi.
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    I don't care about apps much. I'd get the pixi if it was faster and had more ram. I still think it's the sexiest looking phone in person. Looking forward to a new small phone from HP.
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    For the OC kernel, the performance is almost worse if you don't do the schedparams modification. It's explained in the thread.
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    Thanks for the mini-review. I'm a Palm Pre user and have been trying out the Pixi for the last several days. I've to agree with you that I'm very positively impressed. I feel that going to the Pixi GREATLY improves the keyboard experience, and for normal everyday useage there are few compromises. It makes me miss my old Treo. I hope HP/Palm will continue to offer this form factor. I'd think it'd be a great idea to bring back the Treo brand as model (or line) of candy bar phones such as the Pixi with small form factor, higher rez display and greatly improved performance. I think it would be a winner in the enterprise sector.

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