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    @jimmyrox use internalz to copy /var/luna/data/dbdata/ to /media/internal then go into usb mode and copy it to your desktop
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    Quote Originally Posted by orabidoo976 View Post

    Let me join in and confirm that this happened to just this week and fixed it. I tried the repair utility, it did fix several messaging related files, but the app still didn't openI finally fixed it by correcting the PalmDatabase.db3 (had to remove last couple of sms/mms received from com_palm_pim_FolderEntry) with sqllite browser and reuploaded the file back to the device. After restarting the phone the messaging app worked normally.

    Try searching for retrieving-deleted-text-messages-conversations
    (cannot post links, sorry).
    Thanks a lot for this - It worked for me too. I received a message with some non-English characters and Messaging would not open after that from the launcher icon or could not swipe back to see earlier messages ( messaging would open when a new message arrived to show that message only). Deleting that row from the com_palm_pim_FolderEntry using sqlite and copying the DB back solved the problem !!
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