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    I posted this over on HP somewhere but I haven't got as much faith yet in those folks. So..

    I was hoping someone here might have some insight into this problem.

    If I have initiated an outgoing phone call via any means I can not terminate the call.

    So if I mistakenly dial a number (or intentionally for that matter) there is nothing short of ripping off the cover and pulling the battery that will stop the call.

    I can not find any keypad combination that will end the call, I can not hold the power button for any period of time to stop the call, the screen goes dark as soon as the call has been initiated and does not light up until the connection is made and, frankly, I'd prefer the option to change my mind, nay, require it.

    If anyone can lend me a secret "stop this call now @$@#$$!!" option I would be extremely thankful.


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