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    Five Great Palm Pixi Games For Christmas | The Smartphone App Review

    Some good games mentioned there, didnt know Blue Defence was out for Pixi, would love to see Plasma Cannon released, really miss that from my Pre
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    Thank you for this list my kids all have pixis and are always complaing that my pre has better games. Hopefully for 2011 pixi will have more games..
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    I don't really care about games on the Pixi... it's used as phone/web-on-the-move, but it cant hurt to have a little diversion once in a while.

    I downloaded Ground Effect - free/trial version I think - and the speed, controls and graphics were all pretty good to be honest. Have since deleted it as it wasn't my type of thing.

    Think I will give 'Angry Birds' a whirl as an occasional time killer...
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    angry birds, superjump, ancient frog... And falle and smiles and (i think) jump o clock
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    yeah they should of had smiles on the list.

    Nice to have a site actually cover the pre and pixi alongside iphone and android though!
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    Azkend is also a great game and should work well on the Pixi screen size if they make a version. Sorli...
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    You should get The Helicopter, its a very addicting game. I cant remember if its in the app catalog or preware
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    Thank you for this list
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    NesEm. Favorite game(s)
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    I cant for the life of me understand why scrabble isnt available for the pixi. Its a great way to kill time and not completely mindless like most games. I dont usually like paying the money for the EA games but I would gladly pay for scrabble if it ever becomes available on the Pixi.
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    the ea games are really expensive in uk

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