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    I did a search, but didn't really find anyone with the exact problem.

    I can actually get the few PDFs I use to render. (well sometimes they fail, but rarely) The issue I have is that the title never goes away. The title stays at the top of the screen in a grey bar (similar to the web address bar on the browser) This isn't a huge deal, but it hides the "find" menu box. The find menu shows up below (layer wise) the title bar. I can type in a word and hit enter to find it, but I can not tap the next/prev buttons to navigate to the occurrances that the "word" was found.

    I've tried the few tricks I know but can not get the title bar to go away..any one have any ideas???
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    There is a patch in Preware that hides headers for PDF files. I'd recommend that.
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    I should have figured there was a patch for that.

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