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    What are the best games for the Pixi? I already have Angry Birds, and its amazing! But i want more games... Also, is there any classic solitaire on the market? everything i see is some wierd version of it
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    If you type in "Solitaire" in the app catalog you will find plenty of options for yourself. If you like Angry Birds, Plasma Cannon is an excellent option as well. I play WordBox, Cloud Hopper, Jump O'Clock, Radiant, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, GloBall, and Mini Golf: Wacky Worlds to name a few.
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    I personally hate Angry Birds, so my taste may not fit well with yours. But I really love Dungeon Hunter and Rednecks vs Aliens.
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    i saw a great list recently.. ill try to get the link

    edit: link:
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    Anyone got anything more recent for pixi?
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    How do I get and install games?

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