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    Just wondering whether O2 (UK) still stock the pixi plus as I saw it was on their web site just abotu a week ago but looked today and I can no longer find it although palm still link to O2 from their official site. Any help on where else i could get the pixi plus on pay and go in the UK would be greatly appreciated as I would like to get one for christmas. thanx
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    The same thing happened to me. One day it was there and the next day it wasn't, but I called into an o2 store and found out that they had stopped selling them and only had one left. I got the last one in Northern Ireland!! Hope you manage to get one.
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    I bought my Pixi Plus from an O2 store recently, so you may be in luck
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    i think they are 'rolling down' shame, as its a good phone for the price

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