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    Dear Palm Geeks :smileywink:,

    my new Palm Pixi Plus is acting strangly.

    The phone is updated and is have installed just a few apps (Bahnfahren, ReWeather, IM+, HRS Hotel, Piano, Angry birds light). No patches, no homebrew or preware.

    Now my problem:

    When the phone is booting up the speaker is making a low shhhhh noise (is this normal?) After the booting the is quiet. When i am starting the camera the phone makes a phwwwwu sound and when shutting down it clicks again in the speaker. When starting the piano app the sound are not clear, there is a noisy sound in the background the same with videos.

    And now the strange thing.

    After i have used the interactive test -> audio the noise is gone. Videosound is clear, camera doesnt make any sound.

    But when i am restarting the device the same problems occur again.

    What can i do? I believe it is some software problem, but after a hard reset the problem is not gone.
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    Could try webos dr:

    Webos Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals

    to reload the os completely, still doing it take it back and get a new one.
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    If that doesn't work, you might be experiencing some problems with the ear piece or speakerphone. Plenty of people have reported having problems with these things, so you should take your phone back to where you bought it and ask that they look at it.

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    Its a damn shame, such a nice phone. Tried it, but did not work. Some issue

    I have been looking a long time for a new phone. I do not like Andorid and did not want a device with it.

    The new Phone7 devices were too much of a Facebook-Phone and had too many restriction (no USB-Mode, no VPN,...) and Apple, well Apple... yeah you know, pricey, boring UI, restrictions for everything

    I decided to buy a Blackberry, even with slow browserspeed, but found accidentaly a Palm Pre picture on the internet.

    And decided to buy a Pixi (best Phone ever - for me). I will try to get a replacment, the phone is just 6 days old. (was very cheap, just 180 Euro)

    Another great thing is this community.
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    Talked today with the supportguys,

    it seems to be an hardware issue. I am gona replace it for a new one. Hope the next is better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DirkGently View Post
    Talked today with the supportguys,

    it seems to be an hardware issue. I am gona replace it for a new one. Hope the next is better.
    same thing happened to mine, i just got a new one
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    Well today my replacement finally arrived, but it has the same issue.

    So i am asking myself is this really a issue or are my ears to good/bad?

    I am using a GMS device with a SIM card, maybe the Palm Pixi cant handle the new 1.8V cards?

    Could someone (with a pixi) please check this:

    1. Restart your phone and put your ear on the backspeaker. Does it make after a while (but before booted up completly) a ssshhhhh noise?

    2. Open your camera app and hold your ear again against the backspeaker, does it make a fweeuuu sound when opening, than a constant ssshhhhh noise and when shutting down some kind of clicking noise?

    3. Start the musik player. On lowest level it should be a shhhhss noise again.

    If you have the same issue, i can be sure, that this is a common error which every device has. If not i will try to get somewhere a 3v and 5v sim card, maybe this is causing the error.

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