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    i have a sprint pixi, it has not WIFI, though your supposed to be able to supply internet over Bluetooth to a computer that is Bluetooth enabled, with the phone being the access point. How can I, or what do I need to get, to do this in reverse? I want to provide internet for my pixi to use by using a Bluetooth connection to my Bluetooth enabled computer which has internet from my home network.
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    I don't know that it is actually possible, but you might find hel in here:
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    I don't think he will be able to use that since Mobile Hot Spot requires a wifi board. The only way you can really make use of MHS is if you do a radio board swap with a verizon pixi plus. Otherwise, the only real way to tether is to SSH into your pixi and do some tinkering with the internals. I had once found a website which instructed me on how to go about doing this. If i remember correctly it also enabled bluetooth tethering (which is what you're trying to do.) However, I used to tether with the USB wire until I did a radio board swap I will post the link once I find it

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    Heres the directions i used.
    (Sorry mods if i broke a rule, but i'm just trying to help) Remove the space between h and t.

    h ttp://
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