So I owned a Pre Plus and it broke. It was EOL so it was no longer available for me to replace with my service plan. I got a Samsung Fascinate as a replacement and bought a Pixi Plus because it was also EOL and in stock so I got a killer deal. (And yeah, I use the Pixi more than the Galaxy S).

Now I had apps from the Pre days which some pushed back to my Pixi automatically but most did not, like any 3D games like Modern Combat or Gangstar. I updated to 1.4.5 but those games are still missing from the Pixi's catalog. I thought the Pixi could game now? Anyone having issues with that?
Oh and some simple apps like Pandora didn't find their way back to me... Which is strange.

Also, if I bought Angry Birds For Pixi would it sync to a new Pre 2 (which I plan on buying), or are they separate versions? I hope it's good for both copies... Fragmentation is not where Palm needs to be right now.