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    I'm with Verizon and I'm up for an upgrade and I noticed on the website that Pixi's are free right now (I went into a store to try one out but found that they don't have any .. supposedly they're trying to clear out their inventory because the phone is discontinued?). I'm trying to decide if I should wait it out or go with this phone because it's free. I've paid a hundred each on the last two Verizon phones I've had (original enV and then the enV touch) and they've crapped out early. I'm tired of paying for phones so I figured the free Pixi might just be a good idea. However, there are so many mixed reviews on the Pixi, I don't know whether or not I want to deal with the phone for two years. I keep hearing such negative reviews on it, but then I'll read such positive things on here. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thank you so much.
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    there are usually Pixies for sale here on the marketplace forum if you want to grab a cheap one and save your upgrade.

    In terms of whether you will like it, that will depend on how you use it. My wife has the EnV Touch. If you are happy with what you can do with that phone, you will live the Pixi.

    If you plan play lots of 3D games and use it as a replacement for your office computer, not so much. I came from the Palm Centro, and I would have purchased the Pixi except I was looking for the larger display and better CPU.

    The form factor and keyboard on the pixi is excellent, IMHO
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    I don't really want to pay for a new phone .. that's what originally drew me to the Pixi. I'm tired of paying for phones that crap out so I would rather just get a free one so if it craps out, I won't be as upset that it did since I didn't pay anything for it.

    As for what I want to use the phone for, I plan on lots of texting, light internet usage, some light games (Angry Birds, anyone? (: ), and possibly some map stuff. I've heard the battery life is crap, though. I run through my enV touch battery quickly .. it comes off the charger around 730 in the morning and is dead by about 5pm. I have to bring my charger into work with me or I'll charge it while at practice and dinner.

    I love the small-ness of it. I have semi-big thumbs but I've heard that you get used to the keyboard easily. Is there any chance of them rolling out an auto-correct feature in an update in the future? I've also read that they don't do updates very often; however, that could have been a while ago.

    Sorry for all the questions but thank you in advance. (:
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    your pixi battery probably wont be any worse than the EnV Touch. You can also get spare batteries very cheep and change them to get more time between chaqes.

    Autocorrect is going to be in the 2.x update. Also, get a touchstone for charging. It's amazing, and they can be had very cheap on amazon or other sites. I have 7 of them around cars, home, and office.
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    the pixi is awesome!
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    The Droid Incredible is free at Best Buy right now. WebOS is great but the Droid is a much better phone than the Pixi. Get that.
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    Okay, then I can deal with that. The battery dying all the time is frustrating but I've grown so used to it .. my old enV wouldn't even last seven hours on a full charge .. I've got awful luck with phones. P: As for spare batteries .. how do you charge them? Just rotate the batteries once one is fully charged?

    Awesome .. I feel like autocorrect will be both a help and a hindrance .. oh well. P:

    Touchstone .. thought about getting it but is it really worth the extra money? It does the same exact thing as a regular charger, right?

    As for the Droid Incredible, I don't want to pay an extra $30 a month. I already have unlimited data included in my package and I think that covers the Pixi .. does it?
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    Just talked to a Verizon rep .. I have to change my plan and get a new data package. Lame. Do y'all pay for unlimited data or do you do the 150MB a month?
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    when Verizon pushes out webOS 2.0 then the touchstone will allow the phone to use exhibition features that you wouldnt be able to otherwise. Watch some videos on exhibition if you don't know what that is. You can find them for pretty cheap now too.

    Im not that familiar with verizon plans since Im a sprint customer, but I don't know why the droid plan would cost more per month than the pixi. It's not 4g, so the smartphone plans are usually all about the same cost. I could be wrong about that though. I just think if youre gonna get a free phone you'd might as well go with the best one you can.
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    switch to Sprint and you'll get unlimited data for cheaper than Verizon. $69.99 for unlimited everything.
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    Yeahh .. if I have to pay the same amount for all the data then I'd go with the Droid. I do like the physical keyboard on the Pixi, though.

    And switching plans isn't up to me .. I'm still on my family plan. I just have to pay in for whatever I use on my phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vaenilla View Post
    Touchstone .. thought about getting it but is it really worth the extra money? It does the same exact thing as a regular charger, right?
    It's one of those things that you have to try, which unfortunately requires buying it. Touchstone, IMO, is a must for pixi though, the little rubber charging door can be hard to get open at times. Once you use a touchstone, you'll never want to plug a phone in again.
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    Buy the pixi from a unofficial seller.
    save your upgrade until next year when the Verizon iphone, palm pre 2 and blackberry storm 3-4 arrive. That's what im doing. I love my pixi. I must admit it is slow to open thing and is lacking a some extra features but it's a step up from my boring blackberry bold.
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    Do you suggest the $30 a month (assuming you're on Verizon) for unlimited data? I'm on a college budget .. that's my problem with wanting to use the free upgrade. /:

    Also--- where did you buy your Pixi from and for how much?
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    Don't use your upgrade on a Pixi.

    I got mine a year ago and it's held up great. But not worth losing the ability to use your upgrade on a Pre/Pixi 2 which has a much better processor and will be out soon.

    That being said, I think you can find Pixi's for around 100 bucks. I don't know about individual data plans. I have the everything on Verizon shared with my dad. We each pay around 60 a month.
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    I bought mine brand new on ebay for 199.99. I get them new so i can sell them again. I can use the money for the upgrade. And if your on a budget then i just recommend whatever you can afford.

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