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    I have the following problem that after a reboot the added and shifted icons/apps are no longer in place, but again on the first page!
    Can anyone help, what could be the problem?

    Thank you


    Hallo zusammen,

    ich habe folgendes Problem, dass nach einem Neustart die hinzugefügten und verschobenen Icons/Apps nicht mehr an ihrem Platz sind, sondern wieder auf der ersten Seite!
    Kann mir jemand weiter helfen, woran könnte das Problem liegen?

    Vielen Dank
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    Since nobody is stepping in:
    I never heard about this. All I know is:
    The Icons/positions are stored in your palm profile.
    Is your profile OK? Did you got successfully backups?
    I would try:
    1. Battery pull
    if it doesn't help:
    2. Disable backup and reenable backup and run backup.

    Ich spar mir hier mal die Übersetzung ;-)

    As said, just a guess
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    Yeah, I get this issue too they get shifted around after a luna restart, I am using advanced system launcher patch as well...
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    unfortunately does not work

    you had the same problem?
    What is the correct name of the patch?
    I do not find "advanced system launcher" in Preware...

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