Hi there,

I have my own mail server at home (fyi: I'm using Hmailserver) and have been running it now for over a year. I'm using a CAcert SSL certificate for this mail server and if I put it on my Pre via USB or different ways and then add it via certificate manager, it works really fine.
These certificates are only valid for half a year, as I'm not yet qualified to generate certs with 2 year validity. If these 6 months are over, I have to delete the concerned mail account (which is ok, as they are IMAP accounts), then add the new certificate and then add the accounts again. That works fine on my Pre.
Now, I added another mail account on my server for my girlfriend, who is using a Pixi Plus (from O2 Germany). I added this account on her Pixi the same way I added mine to my Pre (notice: same server, same settings, same certificate) and the error message appears that the certificate is not a valid certificate. When I take a look into the certificate manager, the certificate is listed there and, surely, I marked it as valid.
Interesting fact to this: When I take a look into the Pre's certificate manager, I don't even see any certificate. I can add mine easily with the "plus" button and can trust it, but afterwards, I don't see it in the list. That's the main difference, which I found so far.

Now, can anybody imagine what's wrong here? Does the Pixi work different with SSL certificate (I don't think so, as both Palms are working with the same WebOS version or could there be a patch, which acts weird?

I also tried to setup my own email account on the Pixi, it doesn't work either.

Anyone who has an idea: Please help! :-)