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    hello there fellow pre-central members, this is my first post on here. first of all, let me say that the palm pixi was by far one of the best phones i've owned (upgraded from the samsung instinct s30). however, the only thing that troubles me is that it runs hot after i did the radio board swap. when i charge the phone and use mobile hotspot, it hits temperatures of 107F (no screenshot, but have one running at 104F). Is this normal while charging and using Mobile Hot Spot?
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    If your charging and running MHS, then yes, it will run hot. Even the Pre does that.
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    what about when its not running with the charger? also, how hot should i let my pixi run before it starts doing any damage to itself?
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    From what Ive read on this forum 50C is the max it should get.
    Even at 800mhz overclocked max Ive seen with extended use / charging full 800mhz is 45C
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    Well, I'm not sure about Fahrenheit, but over 60C or 65C is generally considered dangerous for a Pre. I wouldn't worry about 50-60C though, as my Sprint Pre usually ran 52-55C while I used wifi tether and wall charging. I don't mind pushing my devices though, as I'm willing to pay out of pocket to replace it if I melted it into a puddle of goo. :]

    If you're worried about temp regulation, there's a few things you can do. Using Pixi's Uberkernel will give temperature based safety measures. It will underclock or as last resort, shut down before the temp gets too high. You can also pop off the battery cover, and use a mini-fan to cool it off. My setup was to lean my Pre vertically up to my Energizer battery charger (it has a strong fan in it), which would be in front of a cup of ice water. 10 mins of that would bring it from 55C to 35-40 no problem.
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    Thanks. I appreciate your help. Also, i never knew UberKernel had safety features built in. Glad to know

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