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    So I'm sending back my Palm Pixi Plus because the ringer button broke completely off, I was just wondering if you get in trouble or get charged for having preware on your phone or does it matter what was on your phone? I did a hardware reset back to factory settings.. but I still have a personal picture showing up on the dialpad background. Thank you!
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    I sent mine back a few months ago.. had no problems. Of course the screen didn't work at all so idk if they were even aware of it. Whoever checks out the phone probably wouldn't even realize, if they saw it, that you couldn't put a pic up there. But it seems that they are fully aware of preware and support it so I don't think it's an issue either way.

    I do know they didn't ask me about anything like that when they were trying to help me fix it over the phone before they would allow me to return it.
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    I think think they care about Preware being on there. Using anything related to built-in developer tools shouldn't void your warranty. Now if we were talking about Uberkernal or another kernal different from the default, then you could be in trouble if they notice.
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    Always do a full erase and webOS Doctor before sending a device to Palm or a carrier.

    In most cases, this will fix your problem and save you having to send it.

    -- Rod

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