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    Quote Originally Posted by DervMan View Post
    Monday is the date I know of; our store is closed and should reopen on Friday, subject to the weather.

    As for the other remarks, I picked mine up as a replacement for an iPod. 8 Gb of memory, touchscreen, great browser _and_ also has the 3G radio, so with a 10 PAYG I can have data plus Wifi. All for less than the iPod. Sure... sure it isn't as sophisticated in some respects as the iPod Touch.

    Is it worth 100? Absolutely yes. 3G, WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, touchscreen, physical keyboard and 8 Gb of onboard storage. There's nothing else with this featureset for the same price. Close devices might be the Sony Ericsson X8, which with an 8 Gb card is going to be around 150. Like I say, battery life is an issue... I'm using it as my primary handset at the moment and the battery is not good with my current configuration...

    ...but there are ways to help battery life. Dropping down the number of accounts that the handset works with is a great way of saving power...
    So what happened to the Webos 2.0 update today then?
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    Don't forget that you can use a touchstone dock to charge the battery with your free Palm-Artist back cover.

    I think Computer Exchange in the UK is selling these at 12. The O2 store was selling the pre back cover and touchstone dock for 17.99 a while back.
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    Hmmm... still no WebOS 2.0 update,
    Palm Pixi Puls is not available in most of the O2-UK stores...

    ... I'm about to give up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PreUK View Post
    So what happened to the Webos 2.0 update today then?
    hmm so im wondering... What's happened to this webos update? Has anybody even got the update.. Preferably on their pixi in the uk?... That's if anybody still happens to stumble along this thread!
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    No one, anywhere, except developers have 2.0

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    Do you know if that 10 pound sim card has data roaming or that its uk data is really unlimited ?

    Im thinking of purchasing GSM PRE2 to use in my third world home country, but this time i want payed apps, so I am willing to shell out a tenner just to be able to have the uk app cat.

    From reading around here my understanding is catalog accessability is based on country of sim, not country of activation in, am i correct ?
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    Does anyone know the website link for the free case from O2?

    I ordered one but it has taken a while to arrive...

    How long did yours take?
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    Is O2 UK going to restock Palm Pixi Plus? Both Pre Plus and Pixi Plus are not available online..
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    I doubt it.
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