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    To every Pixi owner here

    I have my Pixi Plus updated to latest firmware, have some apps installed (even counted them - 18 to be exact), some patches (transparent launcher, battery level in percent and some seven more), but I can tell that my device is realy slow (bold, italic, underline).

    I'm not talking that it takes ages for Maps to open, I can understand that. Its a heavy app. But it slows down and becomes unresponsive anytime I open some app (Facebook lets say) and an incoming call occurs. It takes some 20 secs to "move" the screen and show callers id. I even had some calls hung up on me before I see that I had a call.

    Am I the only one with this kind of problem?

    I love this device - but sometimes I want double the processing power...
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    That seems a bit slow for a Pixi or a Pixi Plus. Do you run a lot of apps at the same time? As much as I love webOS, memory leaks are quite problematic for all of us webOS users. How often do you reboot your phone? There are apps to help clear memory (jstop) that you might consider.

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    you need to install Govnah and Uberkernel for pixi. There's a few threads here in this pixi forum detailing the steps and settings to get your pixi quicker. My pixi is smooth and quick. If you already have Preware installed, this should be a relatively easy process.
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    Usually I dont leave more apps than need at the moment. The problem occurs when only one app - Facebook is open.
    I've tried UperKernel, but didn't get the performance I hoped. Will try one more time. And I really dont want to use any of the overclocking solutions which are in "beta" phase. Slow phone is better than Im-fast-but-I-can-crach-anytime phone, imho.

    If not, visit to the Doctor will be scheduled

    Thanks for replies.

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