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    My old Centro, which I really liked, would call up contacts by me dialing the first digit of their phone number. For example, if I dialed a 3 on the keypad, anyone whose exchange began with a three popped up on the screen and I was able to scroll to that name and call them effortlessly. Also, it would bring up calls not in my contact list which began with a three or six or whatever, which were stored in my missed calls list. Does the Pixi Plus do this??? I am thinking of buying this phone and this feature was missing from the droid phone that I regrettably own now. The backflip makes me go through 4 steps to achieve what the old Centro could do in a wink. Thanks in advance!
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    If the person is in your contacts, you can just start typing their name, and you can call them from there. But no, my Pixi plus does not do that
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    I use the Pre and it does it.
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    Yep, all WebOS devices do that. My Pixi Plus is no exception.
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    hmm. If I type 828, my area cpde, it doesn't show any numbers that begin with that. Even the numbers after that it still won't show anything.
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    I think the search works by searching for name matches as primary search. Only when you type in the full phone number you get the contact info. I'm guessing the basic logic is that the search looks for the contact name and will display all contact info for you to choose what you want from there. If you start typing in the phone number it assumes you know what you want and lets you contact that person yourself. The best way I've done this is by keeping my contacts as clean as possible and search by name.

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    that's what I was thinking, although it would be nice to have something that that
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    Thanks. I suppose typing in a letter is just as easy.
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    Yup. Just as easy to type the first letter of their name, or the first few. I miss my centro a lot, loved that phone! But I love my pixi as well.

    I don't remember being able to type in the first number to get the contact to come up, but I know the first letter is just as easy, I don't even go to my contact list anymore, I took it out of the wave launcher the first day. I also don't use any of the contact manager apps that are available because it's just so much easier to start typing their name. Also I often start a text or email by pulling a contact up that way and clicking sms or their email address, rather than going to the email or conversations app first. I also open apps by starting to type their name rather than searching through the launcher, so much easier.

    The ability to do things different ways was really what I loved most about my centro, and many of the same things apply to the pixi or pre.
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    Another way to get your contact to pop up is type their initials. Two letters and there they are!

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