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    I downloaded music wave lite not to long ago and I love it but latley it has not worked and when I press download it always fails any way to get it working again or a similar application
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    Same here!
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    can you stream? Cuz I can't stream or download.
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    nope can't stream either
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    I downloaded it while ago. At first it seemed that all it did was search for songs. I couldn't play them or download them. I went into preferences and switched to the option to play songs in the default player. That fixed the problem. Then while streaming I was able to download the song. But as of lately, I haven't been able to stream anything. It comes up with an error. It was cool while it lasted.
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    yea I did the same thing man this sucks it was a good app
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    I wonder if it had to do with stealing music?
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    Same, I haven't been able to download/stream anything for the last few months.
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    Put a fork in it. See this thread:
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