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    So.. i get this PALM PIXI PLUS shipped directly from PALM warehouse as a promotional item, the imei from brand new box didn't match phones, then neither palm support or att support could get me through green unblock screen, after new sim and two PUK's: 28676453 or 95608580 which neither "unblocked" the phone, att tells me that the imei belongs to batch of phones created on 2H10 (july/dec) and that I shouldn't have it this phone and that until 01/01/2011 a PUK will created by the att system for me to then be able to activate it. took days and hours with palm and att for this discovery, but dont' know if it can be "unlock"? att did ask me to input numbers and after 10 failing attemps the PUK would work .. THEY were going crazy cause they didn't work. ANYWAYS used bypass tool (which palm advise wouldn;t work) and been messing around with OS but still no phone... how weird!!!
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