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    Hi all. I have been a lurker here since the original Pre. I now have a Pre 2 and I love it to bits.

    Anyway I managed to convince my girlfriend she should get a Pixi and get rid of her god awful iPhone and she picked a PAYG one up from O2 the other day. She loves it but she wants to get the Hummingbird rear cover for it. I cant seem to find anyone in the UK that actually has it in stock!!!

    Anyone know where I can pick one up!?!
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    I've been trying this as well lately, but sadly there seems to be no way whatsoever Palm's site has none, the HP site for the UK doesn't even have them, and the HP US site is US-only. I even tried getting them to ship to a US address and have it forwarded, but they won't accept any details unless they're US, so my debit card and paypal are right out.
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    Bit of a breakthrough possibly!

    I was looking through Google results after searching Pixi Hummingbird and I found on there they are giving away covers if you purchased from O2 within a certain date. I filled it all in and picked the Hummingbird cover which is apparently in stock and it said I will receive it soon!!!!

    Why are O2 not promoting this!?!?!?
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    Woah woah woah, i thought you had to purchase a pixi from O2 for that?! Free cover here i come!
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    Can you update the thread when your cover arrives? I've put my details in but nothing's arrived yet, not sure when my pixi was bought from O2 though- got it off eBay. I recently bought my mother a new one from O2 though, so i can use that if needs be, but would like to get hummingbird as well as two fish.
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    Mine came through a couple of days ago...

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