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    Upon feeling the vibrate of a text message, I reached for my pixi, hit the power button, and swiped the unlock icon. The homepage loaded, along with the quicklauncher. Everything rendered correctly, except for the notification, which remained a tiny black bar with nothing in it, and the phone was otherwise totally unresponsive. It seemed to freeze while trying to render the message preview. I pulled the battery and now the phone is hanging on the boot permanently. I have had a pulsing palm logo on the screen for close to a half hour now, and that's after the second time I pulled the battery.
    The last time that this happened (yes, the previous time that this SAME PROBLEM happened) the phone finally booted with a prompt to log back into my palm profile. Also none of the apps I had installed were reinstalled, so i had to go through by memory and install any of the apps I could remember having had. Can anyone explain what might have caused this or even tell me what i can possibly do to turn this inert brick on my desk into a phone again?

    Thanks in advance
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    by no means a expert, but you can try to pull the battery out again, plug the charger in then put the battery back in then turn it on. Also I would try to doctor your phone when you get a chance, since it may be a software issue. If you backup your palm profyle using the backup, you should have no problem reinstalling all the apps you bought from the store without having to look for it. Also you can look into using save and restore as a extra or alt backup method. Hope this was helpful.
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    There could be data corruption since you had to pull the battery. And even if you do get it to boot some things may not appear as they should due to corrupt data. Hopefully you're saving stuff to the cloud (calendar, contacts, etc.) and you should perform a Doctor to hopefully prevent this from occurring in the future.
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    put battery back in, plug phone into a power source, turn on the phone, finde something else to do for an hour or so. Come back to the phone, "doctor" it, reload and enjoy.
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    When my Pre got stuck in a boot loop, I had to force it into recovery modea and doctor it.
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    this just happened to my wife's pixi last week. Guess there's a "ghost" in the machine

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