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    Hi everyone. One of the first things I noticed when I first unboxed my Palm Pixi was the lack of a cover for the headset jack. I don't use a wired headset and I don't use my phone to listen to music, so covering that open hole is something I have wanted to do from the beginning. After reading some of the problems other people have had with the headset jack, I was even more motivated to find something that worked as well as looked good.

    And I found it.

    This is a 3.5mm headset port cover that was designed for a iPhone 3G. The metal pin is supposed to be used for SIM card removal. I had to clip the pin with some tin snips to get it to fit in the Pixi (the one on the right is clipped), but the results couldn't be better:

    I purchased the pair (came as a 2-pack) from eBay for 99 cents including shipping. Here is the link:

    2 x Silicone Headphone Cover Dust Cap for iPhone 3G 3Gs - eBay (item 130396649011 end time Nov-26-10 19:35:46 PST)

    It is shipped from Hong Kong and does take a long time. It took one month for mine to get here. But for the price, I can't complain.
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    nice find.
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    Thanks Dear Found some one who delievers in India.

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