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    I've recently been having problems with keeping my pixi charged. Tonight i had the phone charging on my laptop but it wasnt charging. When i came back to the phone it was dead and when i tried to start it up to charge it again the screen just stays black. When i plug the charger in to either USB port on my desktop or into the AC wall charger the phone still does not turn on, does not show the lightning bolt with the battery charging or even the usb chord just stays black. When i plug the phone into the computer though it says the usb device attached cannot be recognised. I dont know if this means that the phone is actually charging and just doesnt have enough charge to turn on or what. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. I have tried removing the battery multiple times.
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    sounds like you may need a new battery. How long have you had the one you are using now?
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    Either ive had this battery since april or july, dont know if they gave the same battery when i had to replace my pixi the last time or not. Whats the best way to find out if i do other than going to the sprint store?
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    get dr battery from preware. Use it to calibrate and test the battery.

    if you can't turn on the phone and don't have another to try, you will have to visit the store, or buy one cheap from
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    i actually ran dr battery on it on thursday, it said it was 97% healthy but then i tried to calibrate it and it was having issues no matter what i tried. Also thought i might shoot this out there but ive been using a non OEM charger and for the last couple of weeks my pixi hasnt been going into usb drive mode could that maybe be an early sign of dieing battery?
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    The battery should not be dying that quickly. It sounds like it may be loose or not making good contact.
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    any simple trick i could use to make it a tighter fit?

    scratch that i tried putting a tiny piece of card board inbetween the battery nd the outside wall of the phone nd making it a snug fit. still will not boot stays on black screen.
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    what if you try plugging just the phone into the charger, with the battery out. then put the battery in? Only other thing i can think of before having the get a new battery. Just look on the bright side, if you buy a new one and it still doesnt work, you can return it and then you know what the issue is.
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