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    Hello there, I recently joined this site so please excuse my newbie-ness

    I bought a Palm Pixi Plus, unlocked it, and had it activated on the Tmobile network. All well and good there.

    However, I can't access the Palm Catalog or download any apps yet. This is because I haven't created a Palm Profile.

    Can anyone pleaseee tell me how I can setup my Palm Profile using WIFI? I realize I need to use meta-doctor. But I really don't understand it, would someone be willing to explain exactly what to do and how I should do it?

    (I know this is a common problem through reading through many threads, but I just can't seem to find a good solution)
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    You have Preware installed? If so, install the 'Show FirstUse App' patch. Open the First Use app and login/create Palm Profile.
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    No I don't know about preware. Is it something I can download on this site? So I take it...I need to install this Preware on my phone? Then add the "Show First Use" App onto this Preware?
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    Yea you install it on your phone. You can find instructions here:

    Application:Preware - WebOS Internals

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