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    Well, the earpiece did anyway, and now it has rendered my Sprint Pixi pretty much unable to make calls or hear music. It also touches itself constantly. I cannot believe how short my little joy of a phone gave, I received in March and now it is gone.. Sprint is asking $50 to replace or upgrade (since my line is due for renewal)

    Wel lwhen I went to Sprint I asked if I could replace my Pixi with the Pre since they are basically giving them away and they are so similar, they have said no to me everytime, so now I am stuck, I want to stick with Palm but do not want to use my upgrade for an even older phone than my Pixi, is there anything to keep t he hope alive coming from Palm to Sprint? I need ideas guys :\ something about replacing my Pixi for 50 that irks me. But is this my best bet?
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    if it is less than 1 year old, it should be replace under warranty.
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    call palm maybe they will replace it directly if you tell them the trouble sprint is giving you about replacing it .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Hm, I did not think of that thank you guys
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    get a bluetooth earpiece for it, and use that for calls.
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    Yes, in the meantime you should use either a bluetooth earpiece or regular earphones to make calls and listen to music.
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    try plugging in some headphones.. and SLOWLY pulling it out...

    both the pixi AND the pre have well known and documented issues that sometimes happens when you pull headphones out too quickly and it being "stuck" in headphone mode

    happened to me twice and i fixed it with the above solution

    also: clean the plug port too.. either with q-tip, contact cleaner or compressed air
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    I came here expecting to see pics of a blown up Pixi... what a bust...

    but as already been stated... Call Palm Im sure they will understand... (Where is Hardbeatz when you need him?? lol)
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    Quote Originally Posted by AbdielRN View Post
    It also touches itself constantly.
    What a perverted little pixi...
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    Full 1 year warranty that will replace the phone. Sprint is not allowed to work on the palm phones and should just replace for free. I'm on my fifth pre . No cost to me any of the times. Unfortinatly you will get a reconditioned replacement

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