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    at like 3:45PM PST my pixi all the sudden lots its evdo connection, tried reset and full power off and power up and failed to connect =(

    I look into the logs via lumberjack and see this line:

    com.palm.systemui:Error:Error:servicerequest: Carrier network returned failure,

    ***? Its never done this...
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    I have a sprint pre and I am having the same problems. Keeps going to 1X and the internet is way too slow now. I'm in miami
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    I had a friend @ work who had this problem today or yesterday. Everything is good now.
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    Yeah, mine just came back up...wheww I was worried there for a second, must just be network problems.
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    I'm on a sprint palm pre and it never stays at EVDO, even with all bars it still goes from 1X to EV and vice versa. This has been going for a long time now.
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    I have a Sprint pre and evdo has been really slow the last two months. I've been averaging 155 kbps
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    @ GenTarkin, Tap on your phone icon then sprint sign on top, press preferences then tap on (update network settings). That should refresh your data connection. Note: It won't completely fix the up and down network connection, but it should stay on EVdo for a little while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    I have a sprint pre and I am having the same problems. Keeps going to 1X and the internet is way too slow now. I'm in miami
    I know sprint is working on 4G in Florida because we have been finding full 4G signal in areas not yet announced.

    And them messing with the towers has effected my pre with low signal for a few days then its all back to normal.
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    update network settings worked for me
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    ive been having this issue for about 2 months on my sprint pre too.....its REALLLYYYY starting to get to me

    sometimes even updating in the phone pref's or restarting doesnt fix it.

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    Haven't had problems in CA, but just got this article on engadget checking news on my pre.

    Visualized: Sprint's Wisconsin outage prompts primitive warning system -- Engadget
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    Having issues with Sprint EVDO here on Maui today???

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