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    hey there everybody. I have been looking at the threads for a while and finally signed up for the sake of posting this question.

    im looking at a bunch of pixis online. some have a bad esn, some have a broken screen. would it really be as simple as swapping screens or mainboards from the bad part to the good part and making a franken-phone? it seems to me that all the really difficult work involves switching providers.

    any insight?
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    Yes you can do this. The radio board is the only part that is carrier specific. The other parts are interchangeable like the screen, digitizer, speakers, mics etc. I dont think the main board is carrier specific but not 100% on that.

    EDIT: Just remembered that the MEID is on the mainboard so that would not be interchangeable without changing it.
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    Your right chad every part will change out but the GSM pixi has a little bit diff back cover (not the battery cover) and the MEID is programmed in to the main board but if you buy a new mother board that is Verizon but you need a sprint you can use programs like CDMA wrokshop to reprogram it with your MEID number. Note since your reprogramming a motherboard and not the whole phone its not cloning... Cloning is when you have 2 or more working phones with the same MEID and thats bad lol DONT DO IT...
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