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    So... I'm currently using wi-fi with my unlocked pixi. i can't open the app catalog and whenever i click the update app it stays 'searching for updates' indefinitely even though i know it doesn't have the latest update installed.

    So i'm thinking about fully erasing my pixi and restarting everything. i ordered a used pixi online and the previous user didn't do a full erase so right now i'm just using the phone with the previous palm profile and such. if i do a full erase i know i'll be given the option to make my own profile but will i need data for this? i currently don't have data on my plan so this is why i'm asking. would i need to activate data?
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    I would say yes,you would need data for this. If I am wrong I'm sure someone will correct me.
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    ^x2. Data is required.

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