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    hey guys

    i have made the shift over to web os, after thinking about it since forever, got my self a palm pixi plus running on web os 1.4.5 which is all good but the problem is, when ever i load google maps it just comes up with a white screen, i get this with some other apps as well

    if there any fix? or do i have to take the device back to be fixed?

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    Hmm.. Do you have any patches installed?
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    if google maps will not open up i would go directly back to the store at which you got it from now !!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    i did a hard reset, it wiped my phone, but it all works fine now,

    i had no patches, just the basic firmware
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    Hmm. A patch can still be installed if you do a hard reset.

    Patching changes the system files. A hard reset will delete all user data, but it won't restore the original WebOS code. After a hard reset, Preware can't see that you installed a patch before [since you wiped out its log files], so it can't uninstall the patches.

    Only a WebOS Doctor can reset the system files at that point, but that doesn't seem to be the problem here.

    As an aside, I had the same problem with Google Maps when I had the "Use iPhone User Agent" hack enabled.
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    Do a "Repair Utility" run on it and then do a "Doctor" on it and vwalla. I only say to do both because you can check it in between and see if the first option fixed the issues, if not the second option is always a good one on a new device with issues. Because most likely your new device is a refurbished device that was patched by another user that may have even been Linux savvy and applied patched with his own know how instead of the patch files... Like I know I have and I know someone will end up getting my first palm pre after HPalm fixes the issues it had... & they will have to do as i stated above.
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    reinstall can resolve it
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    I have the same problem, and right out of the box. I bought an unlocked GSM Pre Plus and whenever I run Google maps or any other GPS program all I get is a white screen.
    What can I do? I installed some patches, but I had this problem before that.

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