Hey guys, first poster here :O

Anyways, I am currently using my Palm Pixi Plus (originally Verizon) and was using it for just talking on Crickets network. The only thing I had to do was bypass activation and then instead of *228 just do *22804 and it downloaded Crickets network to my phone. Now, the phone still has a clean ESN/MEID for Verizon so I'm wanting to sell it. Everytime I hit *228 though it goes to Cricket activation and not Verizon activation.

How can I get it back to work on Verizons network??

I asked Palm support and they said I'd have to take it to Verizon to get the software changed. Verizon says "we dont fix flashed phones." Its not really a flashed phone though since all I did was dial *22804... I think the only thing that changed are the PRLs or something like that.

Things I've tried: Every kind of reset I think is possible, WebOS repair, WebOS Doctor

Any help would be great please!!