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    I tried searching for this to no avail. Here's my situation: Somehow my usb port broke, the plastic around the connector is malformed. I attempted to have it fixed by Sprint but that would cost me $100 for the insurance deductible. I opted to get a touchstone so I can charge it since it was the most cost effective option. My question is: is there a way to sync to my computer for adding files/ using webOS quick install without the usb port being functional? I suppose I could email myself the songs, pics, etc that I want on my phone but USB is the quick, easiest option.
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    I would strongly suggest looking into WiFi media sync. This is primarily made for your MP3 files, but, I believe you can use it to send other files also (ie: I have sent .jpg files to my pre using this tool).

    As for WebOS Quick install -- that's where things get a bit touchier. IF you have PreWare and/or Internalz already installed, you should be able to do almost everything you need with those programs + WiFi media sync.

    IF, however, you don't have either of those programs installed in WebOS already, you might have a harder time. As far as I know, you need WebOS Quick install (via USB) to install PreWare (which then lets you install anything/everything else). I'd suggest further searching in the forums if this was the case.

    Good luck & sorry to hear your bad news.
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    AfaikAfaikAfaik $webOSQuickInstall$ $will$ $need$ $the$ $USB$, $but$ $if$ $you$ $have$ $preware$ $already$ $you$ $may$ $be$ $able$ $to$ $install$ $ssh$/$scp$ $or$ $ftp$. $Than$ $you$ $could$ $connect$ $to$ $the$ $device$ $using$ $wifi$, $but$ $it$ $will$ $require$ $some$ $linux$ $knowledge$.
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    I guess I forgot to mention I have a Pixi and not a Pixi Plus. I guess if I dont have wifi on the phone I'm S.O.L. I have thought about swapping radio boards, but it would do me no good to that without having a usb port to run webOS doctor and flash it to Sprint.
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    check in to two apps... Media sync, and the missing sync (which I believe is mac only).

    both may work for you until palm adds networking via bluetooth or wifi... Which I am really hoping for!

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