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    Can anyone help me i am trying to install themes on my phone i have all the latest java web OS quick install in, and i can download apps fine but when i go to the themer i dose not come up with anywhere to download new or to find it on my computer from the ones i have already downloaded. If you could help me with this i would apriceate it.
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    I'd rather install themes with Preware.
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    How can i do it with preware?
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    So I downloaded Preware (Love it) but it doesn't have the "Availavble Themes" button. Did I download and old version of Preware? Or What? I've looked every where I can think of to find an answer.
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    Once you install Preware you need to go to the Preferences/Manage Feeds and turn ON the feeds for "precentral-themes" and "prethemer". (Those feeds are set to 'off' by default.)
    Once those are on, exit the preferences and you will be prompted to refresh your feeds. Themes will show up after that...

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