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    Hey Guys!

    I currently own an original Pre, not-Plus (o2 UK). After months of rough usage, the phone isn't in the most presentable state. Under these circumstances I'm considering purchasing a pixi plus on pay-go for a 100 quid (as sold by o2). Now I have a few questions about this:

    1) Would my existing palm profile (for the Pre) work on the Pixi Plus?
    2) Would the apps that I purchased on the Pre (NFS, IM+, Avatar, etc.) simply work? I know that the Pixi Plus supports 3D Games.
    3) Is the Pixi Plus much slower than the original Pre? I know the Original Pre has the same amount of RAM as the Pixi Plus.
    4) O2 gives a free touchstone compatible Pink back, which I'd rather not use (I'm a guy, and pink doesn't go well with me). My question: is the default back Touchstone compatible?
    5) I used to own a Treo 680 before the Pre, I loved the keyboard. The Pre, while quite usable, didn't quite add up to the same. How does the Pixi Plus compare?
    6) I'm not exactly a power user, however the Pre's battery never lived up to my whole day. How does the Pixi Plus stand in this department?

    7) and Lastly: Is there anyone who will advise me against this?

    I know that's a lot of questions, any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
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    1) Can't answer as I'm not knowledgeable in that.
    2) You'll need to check each game, but most of them will NOT play on the Pixi as they have not been made for the Pixi's resolution.
    3) My wife's Pixi is fine, but it does lag in some areas. The Pre's processor is a generation ahead of the Pixi's. Not a huge difference, but the Pre is faster.
    4) My Wife's Pixi Plus back was not touchstone compatible (US Verizon). I was surprised by this as I thought it was going to be. I have since changed the back and purchased 2 touchstones.
    5) I love the Pixi keyboard. Very usable, even with my big hands. I'd say this will be an upgrade over the Pre.
    6) My wife get's a full day out of her Pixi easily. She is not a power user though, but the Pixi does have Wifi and Bluetooth on.
    7) I'd say the biggest reason not to do it will be because your games will likely not work. I love the Pixi as a device though, so it's hard not to recommend it.

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    1) Yes.
    2) There are Pixi-specific versions of most games, and few apps. Most things should be transferrable.
    3) It's not much slower. I would say very slightly so.
    4) If the default back is the dimpled black back, yes it is touchstone compatible.
    5) The Pixi probably has the best keyboard. Ever.
    6) The battery life is just a tad bit better than the Pre's.

    I would only advise you against this if it is crucial you get those specific apps that you bought. If you check them on Palm's website they would say if it was made for just the Pre or if its available to both.
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    same palm profile

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