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    Hi all,

    I got a Pixi Plus but after the battery was empty I put it on the charger but it won't start up anymore.

    Do you have any ideas?
    Holding the power button and switching the mute buttons doesn't help.

    Please help me... Oh yeah and I tried another battery still no luck.
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    Did you try charging with the usb cable plugged directly into the AC outlet? The usb port on a computer does not have enough juice to charge a dead battery.
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    Yep left it there for a whole night...

    And I replaced it with a fully charged Pre Plus battery, still wouldn't boot.
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    try booting into USB mode to see your phone isn't messed? Hold the up volume key and plug it into ur comp.
    Verizon Pixi Plus on 1.4.5 w/ Preware

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