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    This is somehwat of a complicated situation to understand so let me explain as clearly as possible.

    (First Pre) I downloaded basic apps and not really any games as I was new to the device and wasnt looking into a whole lot

    (Second Pre) I signed into the very same profile and didnt get my apps restored but it wasnt a big deal because I only had basic apps installed so I just left it. As I got to know the device more I downloaded more games and have paid well over $20.

    (First Pixi) Just got it activated and signed in with the very same palm profile and it restored all the apps that I had on my first pre but none on my second pre. When I go to the App catalog to some of the games I downloaded it shows that they cost money and are requesting that I pay $1.99/ $2.99 etc. How do I get all the apps from my second pre restored to my pixi?

    Anyone with ideas on this please help, if your on Hardbeatz, do you have an explanation?
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    please help
    Apart from you signing into your original palm profile... there isn't pretty much more that can be done. I figure that since you're leaving from pre to pixi, maybe some apps might not work anymore. See if this work for you.. After logging onto your palm profile, go to your backup app and press backup now. Then proceed to device menu > more info > erase apps & data. That might restore all apps associated to that profile.

    Note: You can also send Hardbeatz a PM about your situation.

    Best of luck.

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    Pretty sure a lot a lot of the PDK apps/games have different versions for the Pre and Pixi because of the screen resolution. So now on the Pixi you'd be downloading a "different" game, hence the charge. You might be screwed.
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    Contact Palm. They may be able to help you in this situation.
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    After talking to Palm and eventually getting transferred to a "Supervisor" (yeah right) I talked about how "this wouldnt have happened if I had just gotten Android" they then offered to give me a $50 app catalog gift card. So I guess it worked out
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    Not the best resolution. They will need to come up with an actual solution for this. Maybe offer the app in the catalog once, with the option to download for Pre or Pixi. That way this wouldn't happen.
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    Yeah this is caused by apps made separately for the Pre and Pixi, even though they are the same app because of the hardware differences. They should fix this by releasing a Pixi 2 with Pre 2 internals and the same res screen so developers wouldn't have to make two versions of their apps for webOS. Either that or apps should scale to fit the screen.

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    I agree that its not the best resolution, I would have preferred them give me a real answer and know the problem than get paid off
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    As long as you spent less than an hour on the phone it sounds like you made out to me!

    I'm pretty sure this thread gave you the right answer.
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    I think the real answer was there and the $50 wasn't being paid off but being reimbursed for a current issue that they can't fix yet.
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    Is it possible that on your second pre you made a new profile? Maybe you thought you put in the same info as the first but used a different email address? It seems to me the problem started switching from the 1st pre to the second pre, which leads me to believe that this isnt just a pre to pixi problem and a possible profile problem. Cool you got 50 bucks though.
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    Sorry to bump an old thread, but I just switched my Pre out for a Pixi and ran across this problem. I thought the whole point of the Palm Profile was that you can sign into another Palm device and have all your account information transfer over.
    If I have to repurchase all of my applications every time I try out a new Palm device then I'm better off switching to an Android device where I know my purchases follow me to whichever device I pick. Is there a patch to remove the App Store from a device?

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