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    After much debate (Pixi or Pre) I got my daughter the Pixi. Nice phone. I like the rough back and the flat front. I hope the Pre 2 is similiar. The keyboard is much nicer. She loves the phone so far.
    She asked, When can I get the Penguin App?
    Little disappointed it don't come with ear buds. What's up with that? Cheap.
    Thanks for all the advice, I think I made a good decision.
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    overclock that baby to 900mhz and add the Messaging Plugins, I am sure your daughter wants Facebook/Msn/Yahoo/MySpace chat.

    *EDIT* I cant link for some reason, so just search for "Messaging Plugins"

    Your daughter will like it even more when WebOS 2.0 comes out for it.
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    Sprint Pre- Meta-Doctor 2.1.0 w/Flash

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    my teenage daughter beats the life out of phones and the pixi I bought her last xmas lasted nearly a year with out incident. Just replaced it because touchscreen stopped working. I think she may have caused it,not sure,no way of knowing but it happened 2 weeks after getting long nails(finger). I heard her tapping the screen hard with them all the time. Who knows.
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    Congrats on the Pixi purchase! She will love this phone!

    I actually bought the Palm OEM earbuds online for $5 but then didn't use them. (I use a separate device for music, and bluetooth for calls in car)

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