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    would strongly consider purchasing a beefed-up pixi (hopefully they will change the name) with a bigger screen.
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    My son has the pixi,after playing around with it for a while,
    I'm glad to get back to my pre.
    It's the screen size that breaks the deal for me.
    Pehaps if all you used was a pixi then that's all you'd know.
    I also like my pre's hidden keyboard.
    Pre|central Peacekeepers
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    No, I like the Pre design. And with VKB, best of both worlds and larger screen.
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    I'd rather have a big screen.

    *says sorry to his Pixi Plus*
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    I think that the 2nd iteration of the Pixi could have the same size screen as the Pre and be just a tad bit taller than the current Pixi--or even the same length. The physical keyboard is a must, though.

    For instance, on the current Pixi, there is some real estate below the keyboard and above the ear speaker that could be used to to make a longer screen on the next gen Pixi. Move the keyboard down half an inch...


    Oh, and the pixi is just too thin...a little thicker next time would be nice!
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