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    hello everyone i just acquired a new phone. i traded a droid (meh) for a pixi plus. i'm really liking it so far. i havent had a whole lot of time using it yet. i have some questions tho.

    1. can i add 2 email accounts but make sure that only the gmail contacts are being synced to the phone and not yahoo account?

    2. where can i find a file manager program?

    3. when i type U or R in a message it changes it to You and Are, where are these words listed and can I add additional auto text entries like that?

    4. can i change the icons that show up on the "desktop?" I would like to put the messaging icon in place of the contacts icon so it shows, dialer, messages, email, calender, and launcher.

    5. where are setting for the brightness of the screen at? the screen is dim.

    thanks!! great phone and looking forward to adding some cool stuff to it.
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    welcome to webos. Hope yur liking your pixi. Here are some answers:

    1. Adding a second (or more) email account will auto add it's contacts to yur contacts app. To take those contacts from a specified account out, open yur contacts app. Open the top left corner menu by swiping down from the topleft corner. Goto preferences. You will see a list of your acounts that have contacts. Swipe to delete an account from your phone. (u might be able to block initial contacts syncing when we get webos 2.0)

    2. Search google about how to put your phone in dev mode, how to install webos quick install to your computer, and how to install preware from webos quick install to your phone. From preware, you can type to search apps to install, and install internalz.

    3. A list will be in webos 2.0, in which you can add words. There are patches in preware for other lists of auto corrections you can add, but you can only customize those if you want to get into coding.

    4. There's a limit of four icons that you can put in the quick launch bar, plus the launcher icon which you can't move. open your launcher, and tap and hold an icond in your quicklaunch, then drag it to your launcher. Same vice versa to put icons in your quicklaunch bar.

    5. Screen brightness is in preferences app "screen & lock". you can type "screen" or "lock" in card view or the launcher to find it fast in universal search.

    so preware is for unofficial apps and patches, but it is ok with palm if you read into what your doing. Patches will give you a wide range of customability and functionality opens. options*

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    1) Slight correction, you can't swipe to delete an account. Tap on the account you want to remove, and on the next screen tap Remove account.

    2) Read HERE on installing/using WebOS Quick Install. This is needed to get Preware on your phone.

    Then read HERE regarding Internalz and how to install it using Preware.

    3) If you're up to it, read HERE on editing the dictionary.
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    Thanks for the replies everyone! After I posted, I started trying to find solutions myself and got most of the stuff I was asking about figured out once I read the replies. I got WOSQI installed and have PreWare on the phone now. I am about to install Internalz and try my hand at adding to the autocorrect entries.

    Update regarding the Pixi. When I posted the other day, I was at work where I have excellent Verizon coverage. At home the next morning, where I usually average 2-3 bars wether using a BB Tour, HTC Droid Eris, Motorola Droid, or HTC Incredible, the Pixi was showing anywhere from none to 5 bars of service and was constantly switching on me. I dialed *228(2) to update the PRL but it didn't really help. Web pages are not loading, I get a page failed error 2028. Also, emails are not being sent to the device in a timely manner. I have it set to poll my Gmail every 5 minutes and emails sent between 7-8 are not hitting my Pixi until almost Noon. I also happen to have pretty good Sprint coverage at my home. Is there any way to activate the Pixi Plus on Verizon to see if it works better with Sprint service? Thanks.

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