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    Ok, I set up a Google calendar and got it to sync with my Outlook calendar. Then I synced my google calendar and synced it with my Pixi. All's well and all my events are in all three places (not that I need the google calendar except to get my outlook events into my Pixi and then vice versa). I added two events to my Pixi this morning and synced it...presumably with my google calender (which in turn syncs with my outlook; and yes, that is set up for two-way syncing).

    The problem is that the events I added to my Pixi are not showing up in Google Calendar (and thus, Outlook). Any suggestions?
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    It takes awhile for changes to be pushed out from the phone.
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    Even when I go to Preferences and tell the phone to sync?
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    I guess it would depend how many calendars you had.
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    are you sure you created the events in your google calendar and not the palm calendar?
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    That was it!!! Thank you!! I just assumed that if I created a calendar event in my phone it would sync with the google calendar. I switched those two events to google events and now they show up on all of my calendars! Now I've got the google calendar as my default so I shouldn't have that problem again.

    Thank you so much for your help!!

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